Oracle EPM 11.2.2 Dropped

By June 30, 2020New Releases

Readers, it is here at last, the long anticipated release of 11.2.2.  With this release the Oracle Development Team has brought LINUX support to the latest, and last, on-premise release of EPM.  

The latest support matrix can be found here:

A quick read through reveals a couple of things.  First, the support for EPM 11.2.2 and LINUX is as follows:

·         Red Hat EL 7 (UL0+)

·         Oracle Linux 7 (UL0+)

Second, the browser support for IE 11.x is still listed, though it should be ending soon, so I’d recommend companies make other plans.

Stay tuned for details about an upgrade-in-place from 11.2.1, as well as thoughts about a build-out of the various LINUX versions.

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