Hyperion Infrastructure Education and Training

The iArch Solutions Infrastructure team will transfer our in-depth knowledge to your team, helping build the confidence needed to support and maintain your Oracle EPM/Hyperion system. Our engaging interactive training session demonstrates how you can get the most out of your technical investment.

Your Opportunity to Pick our brains…
That is why we are here. We will ensure both your IT and Finance teams are equipped with the right set of skills to maintain a high performing and more stable environment.

Here are some of the topics and live “real-world” demonstrations we will cover during our session:

  • “Did I get what I paid for?” How to validate your Oracle EPM/Hyperion System is properly installed, configured, and working as it should be after an installation.
  • “Is this as fast as it gets?” How to properly assess the current technical performance of the Oracle EPM/Hyperion System and perform baseline performance tuning on your environment.
  • “It’s broken, now what do I do?” Where to find and, more importantly, how to analyze and use your product and system logs to troubleshoot system failures and outages.
  • “Oops – I think I needed that!” Best practices for the technical system and product application level for ensuring you always have a viable backup to your environment.
  • “Really? There are patches for this thing?” We will show you how to safely apply patches to your environment ensuring you are on the latest and greatest supported version of your software.

Upon completion of the course, we will provide you with a copy of all training materials used during the session.

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